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24-hours in…Miami

Miami for families? Well, yes.

If you are happy to hit the pool but not the after-party and accept that a trip to South Beach will require a suitcase of sun cream, armbands, UV vests and snacks. Don’t be concerned about fitting the Miami mould: You don’t travel light these days. You don’t do sunbathing or own a bandeau to avoid strap marks. You eat – and it’s often leftover nursery food. Mind you, you’ll be rocking acid bright running shorts to breakfast as per Miami dictate (they wear them for fashion, you wear them because you can chase the toddler and they’re high vis).  You get to have oodles of splashy fun en famille instead of posing awkwardly in a Brazilian bikini. By midday the kids will make instant friends and lose the armbands and the jet lag. Then you can all enjoy the epic Florida sunset together, them  sipping fruity ‘big-boy’ mocktails while you ease away the day with the first of many (well, ok, two) Floridians. An early supper at Florida Cookery is a chance to explore local flavours – Mahi Mahi and sawgrass, grouper in citrus with shaved almonds – although the service is… lets say relaxed. Yours are not the only children gearing up to a meltdown by the second course.

The new west wing apartments at James Royal Palm are an ideal base for families. Chic but comfortable. Stylish yet sensible. With a large living room, two bedrooms with separate bathrooms and crucially, blackout blinds throughout. It won’t eradicate the jet lag but hey ho. Sunrise over South Beach is a fringe benefit.

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  1. Sara Hagglof #


    October 14, 2013
  2. Harriet Reece #

    Love your humour! I love in Miami and it’s true, everyone in acid bright shorts thanks for making me laugh!

    October 15, 2013
  3. Did you find any great spas? x

    October 22, 2013

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